The sneak-peek Trailer For Eddie COCHRAN, THE BELL GARDENS Rocker is now on line! Please click link ABOVE or below to watch!

Honoring What We Love


Our first project is a non-profit documentary on a subject whose musical and cultural legacy we want to honor: Rock N' Roll legend, Eddie Cochran!

Never-before filmed interviews!


From the people who knew him and those that were influenced by him! Connie (Guybo) and Marilyn Smith, Johnnie Berry Raines, Bob Denton, Robin Cochran Kennedy, Bobby Cochran, and many, many more.

Follow this link to contribute!

A collaborative effort that spans a world of fans!


The response and support from die-hard fans has been coming in from around the globe! So far donations through gofundme has already allowed us to have filmed many hours of raw footage.

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